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Engineered with care for the Environment

Pathfinder has always invested in minimising the environmental impact of its technology. In our private lives our R&D design team has a commitment towards the environment and this was a significant focus in our technology design.

How has Pathfinder contributed in reducing the environmental impact of its cutting technology?

Recycling: Machine's mass is 99 per cent recyclable at the end of its duty cycle. We have minimised or eliminated the use of fibreglass and plastics.

Digital Vacuum: Pathfinder was the first company in the world to offer digital vacuum control as standard equipment - over 10 years ago. The vacuum control system consumes the greatest amount of electricity within the cutting system. Pathfinder's unique digital vacuum system is the most efficient available.

Parts transport: Pathfinder produces all its parts internally at one location, meaning 'raw materials in - finished product out'. All our competitors manufacture most of their components by contractors. This is done typically to reduce cost so these parts are often produced in China or other countries. As a result the parts can have travelled around the world various times from original raw material state to final product.

Parts production: Reduction of greenhouse gases emitted from parts production. Pathfinder technology has a unique machine design with as much as 50 per cent fewer components. Fewer components means less greenhouse gases in the production cycle, transport and production resources.

Machine Mass: The Pathfinder M-series cutter is less than 50 per cent the weight of our major competitor. Since most of the machine mass is steel it's is easy to see that the amount of 'dirty energy' required to process the steel is also reduced by 50 per cent. This benefit is realised once again at the end of the usable life of the machine when the steel is recycled. So therefore a 50 per cent reduction in mass is 100 per cent reduction of 'dirty energy' required to process the steel within a machine lifecycle.

Productivity: The Pathfinder M-series cutter has been designed to deliver and combine the best of multiple disciplines: Speed, Motion Control, Ergonomics & Application specific features. It's very simple really, the more efficient the system the more production that can be produced every hour. The main power consumption in an automatic knife cutting system is within the vacuum generation system. Less time on = Less power consumption.

Pathfinder ticks all the boxes:

  • Low cost of ownership.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Reliability.
  • Highest productivity.