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  • Automatic Resourse optimization

    Nest patterns across multiple tables to increase material savings and optimize fabric spreading.
  • Automatic nesting

    Save money faster (image: 156 pieces - 3.14minutes - 86.14% utilization)
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    "Most efficient Markers in minutes"

Save time! - Save labour! - Save Money!

Material savings from 5% - 10%*

PathWorks®- Automatic Marker making/Nesting

Pathfinder's Automatic marker making/nesting system is integrated as an option within PathWorks®. Pathfinder's automatic nesting algorithm will reduce fabric waste by generating the most efficient marker and maximizing your profits.


Creating markers/nests manually even with the aid of a computer can take hours depending on the number of pieces to be nested. Pathfinder's advanced mathematical algorithm will achieve the optimum material yield* in approximately 3 minutes* or less.


Benefits of efficiency for a business utilising PathWorks® Automatic marker maker/nester iclude:

  • Material Savings- between 5% -10%*
  • Labour Savings- many companies have 1 person or more making markers. Eliminate this labour cost almost completely.
  • Spreading table- get the most from your existing spreading tables and spreading resourse using Pathworks 'sheet nesting' feature, optimised lay planning specific to your cutting room configuration.


Control quality with features that will respect constraints applied to pieces, such as rotational, grouping and buffering.


Eliminate the requirement for skilled employees. Generating the most efficent marker/nest is available at the click of a button.

* Based on actual customer results. Results will vary.