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"Digitizing made easy"

PathWorks®- Digitizing

Pathfinder's digitizing table is compatible with most CAD systems on the market.

Digitizing is a standard feature within PathWorks®.

PhotoDigitizing is an integrated option available within PathWorks®.

Digitizing table (Traditional Method)

Pathfinder's electronic digitizing table is compatible with most CAD systems on the market.

Sizes available:

  1. A0- 36' x 48' (914mm x 1219mm)
  2. A00- 44' x 60' (118mm x 1524mm)


PathWorks® PhotoDigitizing (Patented) offers an easy and efficient way of digitizing patterns.

  • East to Use- anyone can learn to PhotoDigitize in minutes.
  • Any Size- most digitizing systems are limited to the physical size of the electronic digitizing table or the template used by the Photo digitizing system. The patented PathWorks PhotoDigitizer is not limited by these contraints.
  • Anywhere- unlike all other digitising systems, you do not need digitizing templates or other technical hardware support devices. All you need is a photo image of the pattern/object, this can be aquired instantly via email from anywhere around the world and you can be cutting production within minutes.
  • Any Shape- even 3 dimensional shapes can be digitized depending on the shape and application.
  • Any Contrast- automatic photo digitizers require contrast between the pattern and background. Pathfinder's PathWorks® PhotoDigitizing can be achieved with virtually any colour or contrast.
  • Quality- precise digitizing is achieved and confirmed by visual verification of original template with digitized result overlayed. Modifications or alterations can be performed easily.