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    Pathworks- essential tasks made easy
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    Pathworks- essential tasks made easy
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    Pathworks- essential tasks made easy
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    Pathworks- essential tasks made easy
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PathWorks®- CAD 

Apparel Software for manufacturer's that want the fastest and easiest method for digitising patterns, marker making and generating plotter/cutter outputs.


Table digitizer- This is the tradiitional method for inputing patterns into a computer digitally and is supported as a standard feature within PathWorks® with on-screen viewing and audio confirmation.

PhotoDigitizing- PathWorks® patented photo digitizing option has significant advantages over traditional digitizing techniques. Patterns no longer need to be restricted to a particular size or geographical location. Pattern photo's can be recieved from around the world in digital format, digitized and nested within minutes.

Marker making (Nesting)

Want to create the most efficent markers? Maximized material utilisation can be achieved with PathWork® unique 'magnetic nesting' feature, standard in PathWork®. Users can easily create new markers, edit existing markers or combine any part or combination of markers. Pathfinder's optional Automatic Nesting (Automatic marker making) routine will genertae the most efficient nests possible in minutes, saving time, labour and eliminating skill required. Computerised pattern nesting is also a great tool for fast and accurate costings, establishing the precise amount of fabric required to complete an order prior to manufacture. Additionally, modifying markers when materials arrive at the wrong width is easy.

Lay Planning

Every cutting room is different, so it is important that software can offer optimised lay planning to maximise cutting room production. PathWork® integrates a standard feature that enables nesting of pattern shapes across multiple tables, taking advantage of the maximum spread lengths possible, therefore maximiing spreading table resourse, labour spreading resourse and material yield.

Communication and pattern sharing

Share patterns with colleagues and manufacturing partners around the world instantly with PathWork®. Standard industry file formats are supported for seamless communication.


  • Import/Export industry standard files
  • Notch insertion and control
  • Point creation by grid, relative  
  • Measure perimeter, point to point.
  • Joining/splitting segments
  • Pattern Matching (5 point)
  • Pin & Pair
  • Piece Buffer
  • Print Job Traveller (mini-marker)
  • Seam allowances internal/external
  • Mirror patterns/segments
  • Common line removal
  • Start point determination
  • Cut direction
  • Cut Order selection
  • Piece Shredding
  • Scaling
  • Grouping