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  • M-series

    Maximize your profits with a Pathfinder
  • M-series

    Maintain cut quality without gaps
  • M-series

    24/7 Productivity
  • M-series

    Improve your Cutting quality
  • M-series

    Flexibility of Cutting Single ply or multi-ply production. Available in 3cm, 5cm, 7cm and 10cm models.
  • M-series

    Everything you want from an automatic cutting system.Reliability - Productivity - Quality - Lowest Cost of ownership
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Pathfinder M-series fabric cutter

Emblematic of Pathfinder’s commitment to continuous improvement

Designed to be the most advanced apparel knife cutting system available, producing the highest cut quality and   productivity.  The M-series conveyorised bristle bed  holds material under vacuum during the cutting process, enabling high speed precision cuts from single ply up to 100mm of compressed spreads.                       

Cutting widths:      1800mm (71inches), 2260mm (89 inches) and 3900mm (153 inches)                         
Cutting heights:     30mm (1.2 inches), 50mm (2 inches), 70mm (2.8 inches) and 100mm (3.9 inches)                          
With over 20 application specific options, Pathfinder will have the perfect solution to maximize your profit.


The M-series continues the design philosophy of its predecessor, a benchmark for reliability. With less than 50% of moving parts and with a unique control system comprising only one(1) circuit board assembly, reliability is built into the design. When it comes to reliability, there is nothing like a Pathfinder cnc fabric cutter.                       


Highest Productivity is achieved by technology that can deliver and combine the best of multiple disciplines: Speed, Motion Control, Ergonomics & Application specific features. The M-series automatic cutting system delivers technology to maximise your profits.                       


Because the Pathfinder M-series cutter is Designed and Manufactured by Pathfinder in our Australian factory, you are guaranteed to get the best technology and quality money can buy.


Here at Pathfinder, we have always Manufactured with care for the Environment.  The benefits of technology designed around environmentally sound manufacturing practices has far reaching effects beyond the obvious that such as:  Low Power Consumption and the use of Recyclable materials. To learn more about the benefits of Pathfinder's M-series cutter to the environment and how this will increase your profitability. Read more about Environment...


Since 1996, Pathfinder has been responsible for the development of significant innovation within automatic knife cutting technology. Read more about Innovation...