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  • Punchline

    Optimized hole size and pattern designed to improve cut quality
  • Punchline

    Economically perforate paper from your choice of supplier.
  • Punchline

    Automatic roll to roll paper perforating machine
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Punchline®- Automatic Paper Perforator

Punchline- Automatic paper perforating machine.  Unique to Pathfinder, the Punchline machine is designed for use by manufacturers utilising Pathfinder automatic knife cutting technology. Perforated paper is often required as an underlay for stabilising material and transfer of spread materials.

  • Hole frequency, pattern and diameter optimised for automatic bristle bed cutting technology.
  • Roll to roll automatic function.
  • Automatic speed control.
  • Small footprint.
  • Clean operation without by-product waste.                                                                                                                                                                

Model P180- Paper Widths up to 1880mm (Max)
Model P220- Paper Widths up to 2280mm (Max)