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Fabric Master- semi-automatic fabric spreader

Easy to operate - Economical - Fast - Flexible

Fast, Economical spreading of apparel fabrics. The Fabric Master is equipped with features normally found in more expensive fully automatic spreading machines and is available in various widths to suit your application. In most situations the Fabric master can be installed on existing spreading tables with little or no modification. The Fabric master is Easy to use and is a flexible system for woven and knitted fabrics in a 'face-up' or 'face-to-face' spreading configuration.

The Fabric Master spreader has 30 years of heritage in the apparel industry, its light weight design allows the operator to easily push the spreading machine along the table.

Maximise Material Utilisation

To optimise a material spread it is important to minimise end loss and to take advantage of the maximum available material width.
This is achieved by:

  • Accurate spread length- Length of each layer is controlled by the positioning of a mechanical stopper ensuring each layer is at the required length
  • Selvage alignment- Electronic sensors automatically guide the material so that the edge of each layer is accurately positioned in line with the previous spread lay.