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FabricPro- Automatic Fabric Spreader

Tension-free automated material spreading for woven and knit fabrics.

The FabricPro is a reliable and robust automated spreading solution for the apparel industry, designed to maximise your profits.

Available in various widths to best suit your application. Widths up to 1800mm and 2200mm are available as standard. Other widths are available on request.


Accurate spread length and edge alignment with effective operator utilisation is the key to optimizing your fabric spreading operation. The FabricPro will easily spread your lays to the desired spread lengths, minimizing fabric end loss and accurately aligns fabric edges.


For spreading woven or knitted fabrics, from the roll or from flat folded packs, face-to-face spreading (zigzag) or face-up. Touch screen user interface is easy to learn and use enabling low skilled employees to spread lays and maximise your profits.