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  • Automatic Nesting

    Pattern placement within holes
  • Automatic Nesting

    Save Material - Save Time - Save Labour
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PathWorks®- Automatic Pattern Nesting

Save time! Save labour! Save Material

Pathfinder's nesting solution utilizes our latest powerful algorithm that will create a nest ready to cut in minutes, maximising material utilisation, de-skill and saving time.

Pathfinder's Automatic Nesting Solution is your perfect partner no matter what you're composite manufacturing industry- Aerospace, Automotive, Armour, Boating, Wind Energy or Military.


  • Improve cutter productivity by having cut nests available within minutes.
  • Re-nest quickly and efficiently when the width of a material roll has changed.
  • Establish material costing to complete a job quickly.
  • Re-configure a manufacturing order effortlessly by re-nesting a multiple order, combining orders or parts quickly within the same program.

Maximize material utilization

Generate the most efficient nests possible while respecting rotational part constraints in minutes, saving time, labour and eliminating skill required. Material savings* of up to 10% can be achieved.

Communication and Pattern Sharing

Share nests or patterns with colleagues and manufacturing partners around the world instantly with Pathfinder's Automatic Nesting Solution integrated within PathWorks®. Standard industry file formats are supported for seamless communication.

Pathfinder's Automatic nesting system is an integrated option within PathWorks®.
*Results will vary.