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    Maintain integrity of your original patterns when they are split to suit material width
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    Take total control of layers, tools and scaling
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PathWorks®- CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software

Software solution for the composite industry. Most composite manufacturers need to get from design to cut as quickly as possible, with Pathworks you will have the right tool providing flexibility you need for your application. Import industry standard files from programs such as Catia® and AutoCAD®, generate an optimised Nest and output cut files within minutes. For those applications that require flexibility, PathWorks® integrates a suite of tools for pattern creation, digitizing templates or modifying patterns. PathWorks is your perfect partner no matter what you're composite manufacturing industry- Aerospace, Automotive, Armour, Boating, Wind Energy or Military.


Table digitizer- This is the traditional method for inputting patterns into a computer digitally and is supported as a standard feature within PathWorks® with on-screen viewing and audio confirmation.
PhotoDigitizing- PathWorks® patented photo digitizing option has significant advantages over traditional digitizing techniques. Patterns no longer need to be restricted to a particular size or geographical location. Pattern photos can be received from around the world in digital format, digitized and nested within minutes.


Maximized material utilisation can be achieved with PathWorks® unique 'magnetic nesting' feature, standard in PathWorks®. Users can easily create new nests, edit existing nested jobs or combine any part or combination of parts for kitting. Pathfinder's optional Automatic Nesting solution will generate the most efficient nests possible while respecting rotational part constraints in minutes, saving time, labour and eliminating skill required. Computerised pattern nesting is also a great tool for fast and accurate costing, establishing the precise amount of material required to complete an order prior to manufacture. Generating a new nest to optimize material when a roll arrives with at a different width is easy with Pathfinder's Automatic Nesting solution.

Communication and Pattern Sharing

Share patterns with colleagues and manufacturing partners around the world instantly with PathWorks®. Standard industry file formats are supported for seamless communication.