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L-Series: Low Ply Automated Cutting System

The Pathfinder L-series automatic knife cutting system is the latest in single-low ply cutting technology for composites. The Intuitive PathCut® cutter control software provides the ultimate flexibility from a single operator interface without additional knobs, joysticks or control interfaces, providing ergonomics and ease of operation optimizing efficiency of man and machine. The L-series is the perfect partner for your sample and kitting requirements.


The L-series incorporates the same design philosophy of the M-series, a benchmark for reliability. With fewer moving parts and with a unique control system comprising only one (1) circuit board assembly, reliability is built into the design.


Conveyorised porous cutting surface enables continuous uninterrupted cutting. The L-series single-low ply cutting system delivers technology to maximise your profits.


Because the Pathfinder L-Series cutter is Designed and Manufactured by Pathfinder in our Australian factory, you are guaranteed to get the best technology and quality money can buy.


Here at Pathfinder, we have always manufactured with care for the Environment. The benefits of technology designed around environmentally sound manufacturing practices have far reaching effects beyond the obvious such as: Low Power Consumption and the use of Recyclable materials. Learn more about how Pathfinder is engineered with care for the environment. Read more about Environment...


Since 1996, Pathfinder has been responsible for the development of significant innovation within automatic knife cutting technology. Pathfinder's PathCut® cutter software enables expansibility at any time. Numerous options are available including Pattern Matching for stripes/motifs and printed fabrics, part identification display and labels, inkjet printing, head camera, production management reporting and barcode data input. Variable vacuum control is standard. For more information contact Pathfinder or request a brochure. Read more about Innovation...