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PathWorks®- Automatic Pattern Nesting

Save time! Save labour! Save Material

Pathfinder's Automatic pattern nesting system is integrated as an option within PathWorks®. Designed for the Automotive/Transport Interiors industry, Pathfinder's Powerful algorithm will create a production nest using the least amount of material in minutes. Compatible with industry standard CAD programs, so if you currently use a CAD system why not integrate PathWorks® Automatic Nesting solution and discover how fast you will recover your investment.


Creating nests manually even with the aid of a computer can take up to 30 minutes or even hours depending on the number of patterns to be nested. Pathfinder's advanced mathematical algorithm will achieve the optimum material yield* in approximately 3 minutes* or less.

Cost Saving

  • Material Savings- typically around 6%*
  • Labour Savings- Eliminate the labour required to generate a cut plan-almost completely.
  • Spreading resource- get the most from your existing spreading tables and spreading resource using Pathworks 'sheet nesting' feature, optimised lay planning specific to your cutting room configuration will reduce your operational costs.


Control quality with features that will respect constraints applied to patterns, such as rotation, grouping, buffer, pattern matching and nesting in holes within a pattern (Nesting in holes).


Eliminate the requirement for skilled employees. Generating the most efficient nest is available at the click of a button.

* Results will vary.