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PathWorks®- Digitizing

Digitizing made easy!

Pathfinder's digitizing table is compatible with most CAD systems on the market.

  • Digitizing is a standard feature within PathWorks®.
  • PhotoDigitizing is an integrated option available within PathWorks®.

Digitizing table (Traditional Method)

Pathfinder's electronic digitizing table is compatible with most CAD systems on the market.

Sizes available:
A0- 36' x 48' (914mm x 1219mm)
A00- 44' x 60' (118mm x 1524mm)


PathWorks® PhotoDigitizing (Patented) offers an easy and efficient way of digitizing patterns.

  • Easy to Use- Anyone can learn to Photo Digitize in minutes.
  • Any Size- Most digitizing systems are limited to the physical size of the electronic digitizing table or the template used by the Photo digitizing system. The patented PathWorks® PhotoDigitizer is not limited by these constraints.
  • Anywhere- Unlike all other digitising systems, you do not need digitizing templates or other technical hardware support devices. All you need is a photo image of the pattern/object, this can be acquired instantly via email from anywhere around the world and cutting production within minutes.
  • Any Shape- Even 3 dimensional shapes can be digitized depending on the shape and application.
  • Any Contrast- Automatic photo digitizers require contrast between the pattern and background. Pathfinder's PathWorks® PhotoDigitizing can be achieved with virtually any colour or contrast.
  • Quality- Precise digitizing is achieved and confirmed by visual verification of original template with digitized result overlayed. Modifications or alterations can be performed easily.