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PathWorks®- CAD (Computer-Aided Design)

Accelerate production and improve profitability with PathWorks® CAD- in the transportation Interiors industry.

PathWorks® is the fastest and easiest way to store patterns into a computer and generate a production nest, using a single software program. Say goodbye to complex CAD software that require skilled operators. Say goodbye to CAD programs that require multiple modules for digitizing, pattern development, nest optimisation and cut file generation. PathWorks® does it all in one software program.
To get the most from your automatic knife cutting technology in the manufacturing chain it is necessary to optimise material yield, throughput speed and cut quality. PathWorks® enables total control of production cut file's (cut file optimisation), including- start points, cut direction, proximity detection, automatic file enhancement and much more: all included as standard features.


Table digitizer- This is the traditional method for storing hard patterns into a computer digitally and is supported as a standard feature within PathWorks® including on-screen progress display and audio confirmation.
PhotoDigitizing- PathWorks® patented photo digitizing option has significant advantages over traditional digitizing techniques. Patterns no longer need to be restricted to a particular size or geographical location. A digital photo of a pattern can be received from anywhere in the world, digitized and nested within minutes.


Want to create the most efficient cut plan/nest? Optimized material utilisation can be achieved with PathWorks® unique 'magnetic nesting' feature, standard in PathWorks®. Users can easily create new cut jobs, edit existing cut jobs or combine any part or combination of existing patterns. Pathfinder's optional Automatic Nesting (Automatic marker making) will generate the most efficient nest possible in minutes, saving time, labour and eliminating skill required. Computerised pattern nesting is also a great tool for fast and accurate costing's, establishing the precise amount of fabric required to complete an order prior to manufacture. Additionally, regenerating new markers when materials are not at the width anticipated is made fast and effortless.

Lay Planning

Every cutting room is different, so it is important that software can offer optimised planning to maximise cutting room production. PathWorks® integrates a standard feature that enables nesting of pattern shapes across multiple tables or within material sheets, maximizing table resource, labour resource and material yield.

Communication, Pattern sharing.

Share patterns with colleagues and manufacturing partners around the world instantly with PathWorks®. Standard industry file formats are supported for seamless communication.


  • Import/Export industry standard files
  • Notch insertion and control
  • Point creation by grid, relative & co-ordinate.
  • Measure perimeter, point to point.
  • Joining/splitting segments
  • Pattern Matching (5 point)
  • Pin & Pair
  • Piece Buffer
  • Print Job Traveller (mini-marker)
  • Seam allowances internal/external
  • Mirror patterns/segments
  • Common line removal
  • Start point determination
  • Cut direction
  • Cut Order selection
  • Piece Shredding
  • Scaling
  • Grouping